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Well I finally got around to coloring this picture in, it's ben about two years since I first drew it.  Someone expressed interest in it a while ago which got me motivated enough to color it in.  I'm happy with how it turned out, though the shading isn't that good.


Another outdated self protrait.  The text in the background is suppost to be a whole bunch of questions about philosophy and self doubt.  Fact is it's really  cliché. 


This is a character from our Vampire Masquerade campain.  She is a Gangrel who's more wolf than (pardom the term) human.  Her name... well... unknown, she doesn't talk much, and when she does it's usually growls, so no one knows her name.  She has befriended a werewolf (well, tiger actually) which is rare due to the history between vampires and werewolfs. 


After watching and Episode of Daria (Dye! Dye! My Daria) I was inspired to draw something that shows true sorrow.  The best I could descripe the emotion is to feel unproteched, cold, defencless.  This pic almost loses that concept, she kinda looks fightened insted of horrorably sad. 


Yet another D&D charater, meet Sachiko, a 9th lvl Monk.  Unlike Elmdor, Sachiko has a rather passive personality, she keeps to herself most of the time.  She seeks only to improve herself and is not tempted by material weath.  Her master sent her to defend a distan land from Gobliniod hords with his dieing breath,  He revieled that something is going on there that threatens the very balance of life.


Once again Elmdor, however this time he's a bit tougher.  He's now 9th level; 6th lvl Rouge, 1st lvl Sorcerer, 2nd lvl Shadow Dancer.  A Shadow Dancer can pretty much dissappear if he/she's within 10 ft of a shadow, also they can travel between shadows and even summon a shadow (an undead creature).  He also sports a killer +3 Vorpal Flaming Burst Long Sword, and magic armor so not to hample his stealth abilties. 


Elmdor Rainleaf, a silver tongued rouge.  He's my current player character set in a Forgotten Realms campaign.  He's a chatic nuetral moon elf, which makes him clash alot with the party's paladin high elf (who's got one hell of a superiority complex).  His family was rolled out randomly giving him 8 siblings, one being his twin brother (also the only other adventurer).  His parent are divorced and both remarried.  His mother, a thief guild member (remember this was rolled radomly) remarried a merchant, while his father, a begger, remarried a gold dwarf.  Elmdor is obviously closer to his mother.


Condor Rainleaf, Elmdor's twin brother.  I'm not to happy about the hair, I'm gonna start practicing going into more detail than just anime cell-shading.  Anyway, Condor isn't a player character yet, here here so that if Elmdor died their's someone to advenge his death and inherit his wealth/depts.  Condor is a bard with a bit more nuetral and less choatic out look than his brother.  He's always looking for insperation for new songs.


Namiko, my character in my group's weekly pen & paper RPG sessions.  The exact game is BESM d20, and our groups world is set in a Final Fantsy 7-like setting.  Namiko is a Martial Artist who has a dark past.  Becuase of this she is deffinatly tougher than your average cat girl.  Her punches pack serious heat, she can run up to 5o mph, heals at an incredible rate, and has some serious HP (took three ranks in 'Damn Healthy!").  On the con side she had a nasty fear of water; easy distracked by mice, catnip and dogs; and has chronic nightmares.


Autumn is nearly here and the time of Demons has returned.  They symbolize all aspects of depression and that which feeds on it aswell.  This Demon is one of those who feeds off others' emotions, particularly that of lust of what one does not have.  Dawn in the realm of Darkness is just as dark as night, however you can at least see the stars.


My first offical wallpaper, also my first fan art CG.  Of course it's Ryoko and Ryoki from Tenchi Muyo.  I'm really proud on how well this turned out, it seams I've gotten better with shading.  It took me forever to get her into the right postion, then I had to watch a few hours of the series so I could get the couch right.  This wallpaper is in 800x600 res, you can view the 1024x768 here.


Ah, my old profile pic.  I drew this a couple months befor I started this site.  I had cut my hair before hand, but  I guess I look better with long hair.  Actully I look like a girl with short hair, can't explain it, it just is.  This looks like me when I was about 17.  In my new profile pic  I looks like I'm 19.  For some reason after I turned 18 I've been forgeting how old I am, I'm always thinking I'm about 2 years younger, I guess these pics reflect that. 


I'm happily surrprised how well this turned out.  I drew this at work on a piece of scratch paper, so it was rather rough.  This character is a warrior who's been injured a great many times, yet she remain rock solid in her will to fight.  She lost her left eye in a nasty ambush were her troop were nearly wiped out.  Roughly half her body is covered with scars and she had her right knee replaced (the technology isn't much farther than ours).


This is a character concept for LLX's game UFG.  He gave me what basicly wanted her to look like, and i went from their.  Those legs wear hard to draw, if you look at it wrong they'll look like frog legs.  Anyway I'm happy with this pic cause I was abill to use some filters that really made it look like she has fur.


I started on this pic about half a year ago, and I never got around to finishing it.  I'm kinda dissapointed with it, I was trying some new things on it and the results were not as good as I'ld hoped.  The ripples bug me the most, maybe I'll fix it later. 


This is my 100 hit pic.  The charater in it is named Kyo Hasamura.  He's from something I'm working on right now.  Oringinally he's from a few mangas I'm gonna do as soon as get the time.  He's a gear head, which is the first time I've made a main chararcter have an intereest that I don't have myself.  He's even made his own motorcycle from the ground up.  He's rather laid back for the chaotic life he now has.


This is the main character for a manga I want to do.  I haven't desided on a name for her or the manga yet, I'm really bad about names, right now the working title is "S-Type : Metal Psyche".  Anyway you see her at her favorite handout "Club Virtual", a old fashion techno club and internet cafe (the story takes place in 2063).


This is the second Pic I've done in CG (the first being the self portrait on the profile page).  I did this somewhere around September of 2002.  I was trying to make the gender of this guy/girl hard to determine.  I think I did an decent job on it, but the face is too masculine.